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Les Figues Read-a-thon

Read Books to Make More Books!

Les Figues Press was started by and for people who love to read. And as avid readers, we know amazing books work their stuff on our insides, changing how we perceive and experience the world. 

This summer, help Les Figues make more amazing books by putting your reading skills to work!

As a nonprofit literary press, Les Figues publishes books that are innovative and exceptional—those same qualities that scare off most commercial publishers. Yet as a decidedly noncommercial press, the sales from any one Les Figues book simply don’t cover its production costs.

You can help by reading for Les Figues! Funds raised in the 2014 Les Figues Read-a-thon will offset production costs for forthcoming titles like derek beaulieu's Kern and Amanda Ackerman's The Book of Feral Flora, both part of the newly launched Global Poetics Series, and the TrenchArt anthology (title TBD). The Read-a-thon will also help keep groundbreaking books in print such as I'll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women.

There are two ways you can help:

1. Reader
Tackle your summer reading list for a worthy cause! Join our team, invite your friends and family to support your reading, and through their donations, you will help Les Figues continue doing what we do best. On your personal fundraising page you can keep your sponsors updated on what books you're reading, how many pages you've read, and why Les Figues is important to you. Meanwhile, you can also win great prizes, including:
  • All readers automatically receive a promo code for 40% off Les Figues books
  • Packages of LF books, a reader cozy, a special surprise from poet Sawako Nakayasu, glasses from l.a. Eyeworks!

2. Sponsor
Too busy to squeeze in a book this summer? Donate money to support one of our voracious readers instead! Not only will you encourage a general love of literature, you'll also ensure the continued viability of a renowned experimental press. Along with the emotional rewards of your sponsorship, you will receive a special code for 40% off Les Figues books. Plus, Les Figues is a 501 (c)3 organization, so all donations are tax-deductible. 

There are endless books to be read, so join today and get reading this July! 

Recent Updates

Readers Are Winners!
Now that the balmy, sunshiny days of July have faded into the…equally balmy and sunshiny days of August, our first Les Figues Read-a-thon has come to a close. And what a Read-a-thon it was! We knew all you Figues fans were incredible, but we never could have anticipated such an enthusiastic response. We didn't simply meet our goal; we raised $7,148, all thanks to your hard work and...

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Cozy Up
You wouldn't want your teapot to catch a cold, nor would you want dust to infect your toaster, so you protect them with custom cozies. Why should you, dear Reader, deserve any less?

The 2nd reader-up in Les Figues' Read-a-thon will win such a priceless gem of reader protection and snuggles. This one-of-a-kind fleece cozy is neither a tent nor a robe. It's your very own reader-friendly Reader...

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Prize on the Eyes
What's the universal symbol for an astute reader? A stylish pair of eyeglasses, of course. From the thin wire frames of the poetry lover to the thick tortoiseshell frames of the literary fiction buff, glasses usually indicate that those who don them are reading often and reading well. Les Figues readers, however, are a special breed. We are boundary-pushers, genre-benders, dismantlers of...

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Les Figues Reads for Les Figues

The Les Figues Read-a-thon isn't just for outside readers; as the LF summer interns, we're participating, too! And we're so excited that we just have to gush about our own personal Read-a-thon plans.

Fisayo Adeyeye (Small Press Plus Intern)   

What are you reading and why? I plan on reading Alone with Other People by Gabby Bess, Black Cloud by Juliet Escoria, and Go to Work and Do Your...

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Welcome to Les Figues' Read-a-thon!
Welcome to the first annual Les Figues Press Read-a-thon! To get started, here are a few answers to questions you may have:

Are reading choices limited to Les Figues books?
No, read any books of your choosing! Have you been longing to tackle that thousand-page novel? Want to read fifty books of poetry in thirty days? Catch up on those classics you never read in high school? This is your...

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Robert Carl $20.00 Hi Alex! Sorry this is so late but maybe it can still be used. I was at Yaddo all July when this came my way. And now I know your full name! Warmly, Robert (Carl)
Katie Herzog $10.00
r petropoulos $10.00
Liza Palmer $40.00
Kate Moxham $50.00
Eric Lindley $25.00
Anonymous Donor $3.00
Anonymous Donor $4.00 File Not Found
Anonymous Donor $1.00 Don't question me!
Anonymous Donor $2.00
Anonymous Donor $34.00
Anonymous Donor $13.00 !reconocer!
Anonymous Donor $5.00
Anonymous Donor $5.01
Maria Woods $25.00 Great work, Amber!
Anonymous Donor $20.00 DAER!
Patrick Greaney $110.00 Go Harold!!
Anonymous Donor $10.00 I am poor but I love reading and you. Here is some money to support reading and you. Love from Leta
Michelle Clayton $50.00
rob mclennan $40.00
Paula Mendoza $10.00
J Langdon $25.00
Anonymous Donor $45.00 There's still Time
Nancy Purcell $100.00
Patricia Simich $30.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Matching Matching Reading Reading
Amy Hood $40.00 you are brilliant and beautiful and fun to be around
Jessica Smith $40.00
Karen Davidson $40.00 :-)
Janice Lee $10.00 go saehee!
TC Tolbert $25.00
Kim Calder $5.00 I love yr reading list! (especially the last sentence).
Pam Ore $35.00
Pam Ore $45.00
Bonnie Jones $40.00
Anonymous Donor $93.00 Hearts to AQ, Hearts to Figues!
Anonymous Donor $5.00
Anonymous Donor $5.00
Anonymous Donor $5.00
Anonymous Donor $5.00
Anonymous Donor $5.00
Anonymous Donor $5.00
Julia Yi $50.00 Good luck! :)
Mathew Timmons $18.01 READING!
Ruben Salas $20.00 Good luck mija!
Donna Salas $20.00
Gio Suh $20.00
Teresa Carmody $21.00 Go Crystal!
Teresa Carmody $10.00 Shelves of unread books! Or stacks of unshelved reads!
Teresa Carmody $10.00 Read, Chris, Read!
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